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Delivering Happiness
by Tony Hsieh
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How Markets Fails
by John Cassidy
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The Presentation Secrets
of Steve Jobs

by Carmine Gallo
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Leadership Gold
by John Maxwell
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The Shadow Market
by Eric J.Weiner
Screw It, Let’s Do IT
  by Richard Brandson
The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs
by Carmine Gallo
The Next Decade
by George Friedman



Talent Is Never

by John C. Maxwell
When a Billion Chinese

by Jonathan Watts
The Leader Who Had
No Title

by Robin Sharma
A Gift to My

by Jim Rogers



Change anything
by Kerry Patterson, Joseph
Grenny, David Maxfield,
Ron McMillan & Al Switzler
As China Goes,
So Goes the World

by Karl Gerth
The Law Of The
Garbage Truck

by David J. Pollay
The Last Lecture
by Randy Pausch



by Nicholas Christakis
& James Fowler
by Malcolm Gladwell
The Corner Office
by Adam Bryan
10 Steps Ahead
by Eric Calonius



Saved My Life

by Michael Gates Gill
Mavericks At Work
by William C. Taylor
& Polly LaBarre
The Happiness Advantage
by Shawn Achor
The Liftoff Leadership
by Betty Shotton